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Custom essay writing

Custom essay writing is an essential coursework element in an academic setup. University and college students are encountered with a huge workload from the assignments they are given. Many students therefore chooses to seek the support from custom writing services. Custom essays are nonfictional piece of writing that are either expository, analytical, persuasive or argumentative. Students who are loaded with so much can order the assistance of custom writing services at a fee. These writing companies have professionals who are skilled and experienced in English essay writing which encompasses paper writing or what is commonly referred as term-paper writing. Essay writing services companies such Custom Essay Station are remarkable because their papers are up to standard derived from evidence based resources. However Essay writing services has also been associated with some shortcomings. A research conducted by Ofqual an exam regulator watchdog based in the United Kingdom found out that it is difficult to get an essay that would attain an A-level score despite the companies charging as high as $220 for an essay. Equal conducted a research by approaching three Essay writing services companies namely UK Essays, Essay Basics, Custom Essay and UK Essay Writing Services and requested for a 3,000-word essay on the significance of the Security exchange Act of 1911 and a 1,250-word article review on a newspaper coverage on the death of Nelson Mandela.

This essays were commissioned for each of the companies and the results was that only one out of the six essays received a pass mark of B from the examiners. Essay writing services therefore has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the student to weigh the options and decide whether they are willing to order for their essays from Essay writing services companies.